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Sales Enquiries

Sales Enquiries


Whether you require water for domestic use or a larger volume of potable water the Carocell Panels can produce potable water from any source (mains water, well water, sea water, bore water, surface water or other sources). The results are the same - the Carocell panels will use the sun’s natural radiation to produce pure clean drinking water removing contaminants ranging from salt, arsenic, E.coli, minerals and metals and other water-borne diseases.

Our Solar Water Farms also harvest rainwater.

Whether you have impure water, contaminated water or just don’t like the chemical taste in your water the Carocell panel is the solution.

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Distribution Partnership Enquiries

With global interest increasing daily, F Cubed is now actively seeking distribution partners across many regions and countries. F Cubed believes by partnering with local businesses and utilising your local knowledge and our expertise the market potential in most countries to be significant. 


Humanitarian / Aid / Charity


F CUBED will work with humanitarian, aid and charitable organisations to help provide communities around the world with access to safe, clean water. Our technology can be applied on a large scale (water farm) right through to individual units to service a family unit.


We will provide our expertise and knowledge to assist you solving the world’s water supply problems.


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Carocell panels are low cost, environmentally friendly and produce safe potable water from any source including seawater, groundwater and contaminated or polluted water.
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Zero Liquid Discharge technology converts waste brine into drinking water and valuable fractionalised salts such as table salt, pool salt and magnesium chloride
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“The panel has been producing an average of 3 quarters of a bottle” (20 Litres), “of pure drinking water every day, and is the best we have ever tasted”
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